Abhisit remains an anti-democrat

18 03 2016

We were staggered to read that the failed leader of the so-called Democrat Party Abhisit Vejjajiva has made a call on “democracy.” Abhisit is reported to have “voiced strong opposition to the regime’s proposal to allow military top brass to sit in the Upper House during the country’s democratic transition.”

We are not convinced that anything the junta is currently arranging is going to be “democratic.” The whole point of the junta’s constitution is to ensure that representation is actually for a minority. Nor are we sure that anyone cares much about Abhisit’s jaundiced view of “democracy.”

So when Abhisit describes the junta’s “proposal as undemocratic,” what does he mean?Abhisit 3

The alleged “debate” between the junta and the Constitution Drafting Committee is whether to have the junta’s undemocratic and self-interested senate or the CDC’s functional constituencies. The latter allocates the seats to so far undefined “occupational” groups. Neither proposal is democratic.

If there is a compromise between junta and CDC, we can expect the military and bureaucratic “constituencies” to have plenty of seats. When combined with the business, education and medical constituencies – the royalist anti-democrats – to have enough seats to easily control parliament and frustrate any elected lower house that dares challenge the status quo.

It is this latter version that the anti-democratic leader of the Democrat Party is supporting. When Abhisit calls on the CDC “to stand by what is good for the public and help the draft charter pass a referendum” he means the undemocratic version favored by the CDC, not a charter that is democratic.



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