Military control entrenched

24 03 2016

What the junta wants the junta gets. As expected, Prachatai reports that the Constitution Drafting Committee has guaranteed seats for serving military and police leaders in a completely non-elected senate.

The CDC has announced it “has agreed with some of the recommendations from the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) on the 2016 draft constitution.”

Translating that, the junta-appointed and directed CDC has agreed with the junta that the senate shall not be sullied by elected politicians and that the senate will be able to block any decisions made by an elected lower house.

How military and police leaders will have the time to sit in parliament is not explained, but if they really do have that much spare time, it is clear that neither force is serious or professional.

The CDC’s claim that it met “the junta’s suggestions halfway” is justified by the fact that it has reserved 50 senate seats to “be hand picked by the [a] committee [of 8-10 individuals] from 20 professional groups.” That is, as the junta wanted, not a single senator will be elected.

This committee of 8-10 individuals remains largely unexplored but it can be expected that it will be a bunch of royalists, probably aged, and perhaps including the current junta.

As details become clear on the make-up of the senate, we’d expect more military and civil bureaucrats and “retirees” to be appointed, making the senate the official’s house. Their duties will be clear: stop politicians from acting as elected representatives and effectively denying any people’s mandate. It will also “protect” the constitution, meaning that if the junta’s draft is approved, it will never be changed (unless the elite decides it should be).



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