No democracy

28 03 2016

A story at NewEurope provides a critical commentary on the military junta’s referendum and its ridiculous claims regarding “democracy.” This caught our attention:

… experts expressed their doubts about the referendum and the possible elections to take place, as there is little chance that they could be considered as free, fair and democratic. “The referendum doesn’t meet any sort of democratic standard,” said Verapat Pariyawong, an expert on Thai politics. “First of all, the body that starts the process of referendum has no legitimacy of political will of the people to ask this question. Even if we accept some sort of pseudo-legitimacy of the body of the military government, we have no clear choices. What if we turn down the constitution, what happens next? Moreover, there is no free debate! It’s illegal in Thailand for a group of more than five people to assemble together for some form of political discussion. If we were in Thailand right now, we would be arrested,” he told the audience.



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