Prayuth’s fear and unusual wealth

29 03 2016

The Bangkok Post reports that The Dictator is getting “four new armoured Mercedes-Benz sedans, two of which were assigned to Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha.”

Each one costs almost 20 million baht, which means Thailand must be buying cheap versions as the usual price is closer to $1 million.

Nothing much in that report except that we learn that General Prayuth Chan-ocha “previously used his own private armoured Mercedes.”

20 million

A man who has spent his entire life in the military can afford a personal armored S600? He did declare it in his assets declaration, but the question remains. Why he felt he needed one, along with his BMW 7 series (say, 40-60 million baht for the two if bought new)? We imagine that Prayuth is not only unusually wealthy but a very fearful and insecure fellow.

One review site says this of the S600:

We’re guessing that most of the customers for an armored black Mercedes-Benz S-class aren’t the nicest folks in the world—perhaps dabbling in imports/exports, some light oppression, those sorts of things—and now they have a new version on which to spend their ill-gotten gains, the S600 Guard. (Mercedes will of course sell them to upstanding types, too.)