The junta’s charter

30 03 2016

The draft charter for the referendum is out. It is the military junta’s draft, completed by its minions and on its orders.

In recent weeks there was some discussion of “debates” between the junta and the minions, but it was always the junta’s view that prevailed, as would be expected in a military dictatorship.

But the final result is a complete victory for the junta and its associated anti-democrats.

the charter was launched amid a ratcheting up of junta repression and a bit of astrology for the minions and the military, with 279 articles (9+9) and launched at an “auspicious” time at 1:39 p.m. on the 29th. No amount of astrological jiggery-pokery will actually help this charter pass a referendum if people had a free vote. If it is passed it will be by very down-to-earth and dirty military repression and threats.VOTE NO

The Bangkok Post explains one tidbit that PPT didn’t expect: “The military regime still has a chance of staying in power after the general election, as the final draft of the constitution does not give a specific time for the House to choose a prime minister from the candidate lists submitted by political parties…”.

This goes along with the article that “allows for an outsider prime minister to be chosen,” which the elderly chief charter minion Meechai Ruchupan said would help the junta which has “concerns of possible problems that could disrupt the process to select a prime minister.”

The problems will come from the military, who will be pissed if anyone other than their people or one of their puppets isn’t premier. This newly-revealed bit of anti-democracy means that the junta can just refuse to step down if it doesn’t like an election outcome.

That the junta appoints the senate means that there will be no “full democracy.”

Fascists like Chaiyan Chaiyaporn, a political science charlatan academic at Chulalongkorn University, supported the anti-democratic charter. As a long-serving yellow-shirted anti-democrat, this is to be expected. We guess he is also in support of gulags and concentration camps for his political opponents.

Indeed, if anyone chooses to oppose the military dictatorship or its draft charter, it’s off to the gulag for a month (at least and at best) for “re-education.” The Dictator General Prayuth Chan-ocha also threatened the media with “re-education” camps.

He babbled: “The training courses are not designed to harm the regime’s critics…. The military is not covering their heads with a black bag and taking them to be tortured or murdered.” In fact, the military junta has already done all of these things. Expect quite a lot more of this Fascist behavior that will be cheered by anti-democrats and royalists.



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