Media freedom? Don’t even think about it!

1 04 2016

Many readers will already know that Khaosod journalist Pravit Rojanaphruk has been prevented from attending UNESCO’s 2016 World Press Freedom Day conference in Finland.

In fact, as reported by the International Press Institute, “Thailand’s ruling military junta has banned a prominent journalist from leaving the country” to attend the conference.

Because Pravit has been called in for “re-education” and “attitude adjustment” by the military thugs, he has lost his freedom to travel, and must request the military junta’s permission to travel. He submitted a request and the junta rejected it.censorship-1

According to one report, cited by IPI, a junta mouthpiece said Pravit “keeps violating the orders of the NCPO in many ways, so his travel is not approved.” What they mean is that he continues to try to publish stories that are accurate of Thailand’s current sorry state. As the cause of this state, the military dictatorship becomes flustered, angry and vindictive over his reporting.

Finland’s ambassador to Thailand, Kristi Westphalen, stated that she “regretted the Thai government’s decision…”. By “government” she means the military dictatorship. IPI Director of Press Freedom Programmes Scott Griffen said the ban was “highly symbolic of the Thai military regime’s increasing disregard for free expression.” We are not sure the “disregard” is increasing. The junta hates any media outlet that doesn’t follow its every order and that is unable divine what might next have The Dictator in a tizzy.

Thailand is a military dictatorship and a military state. No one should expect it junta to be anything other than intolerant, repressive, downright nasty and worse.



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