Same as it ever was (useless)

4 04 2016

Longtime readers will know that PPT has little time for the royalist elite-controlled National Human Rights Commission. Throughout the period since just prior to the 2006 military coup it has been worse then useless. In fact, the NHRC has colluded with human rights abusers and is culpable in the degrading of human rights in Thailand.

We are late in getting to the most recent anti-democratic act by the NHRC, as reported in Khaosod a few days ago. Yet it deserves attention as it further demonstrates how the royalist military junta has gained control of vast swathes of the state and civil society, establishing a military state.

Khaosod reported that the Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission Wat Tingsamitr walked out “on a group of activists stating their grievances at a forum…” in Khon Kaen and “sponsored by the rights commission at which six groups of community leaders and activists met to discuss civil rights issues with the commissioners.”

Community rights activists from the New Isaan Movement did not have “permission” to read “from a declaration condemning civil rights abuses in the northeast.” As we understand it, the group was part of the forum. Its statement “criticized the ruling junta for invoking its absolute power to push through infrastructure projects by waving the need for reviews of environmental impact.”

As a representative for the junta, covering up its human rights abuses and failing to act according to its charter or according to international norms, “Wat stood and walked out, leaving the activists visibly upset…”.

Wat’s weasley claim was: “It had nothing to do with our event. Let me ask, if you were me, would you have stayed?”

Human rights have nothing to do with the Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission.

We are sure he feels that he has more value protecting the junta rather than human rights. In fact, there are no human rights under the junta, so we see no point to Wat or his worse than hopeless Commission.



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