It is a military dictatorship

10 04 2016

PPT missed a story at Vice News, which usually gets a different demographic in its readership, so is an important outlet shaping international perspectives on the country. Thailand Is in Danger of Becoming an Established Military Dictatorship is by  Charles Parkinson and appeared on 7 April.

Regular readers will know the story well, but this gets to many who usually think of Thailand as beaches and full moon parties.

It begins:

Thailand has moved one step closer towards entrenched military rule in recent days, after the governing junta granted sweeping powers of arrest and detention to military personnel….

It concludes by citing Thaksin Shinawatra:

Responding to an earlier version of Thailand’s draft constitution — which only included a partially appointed senate — Thaksin Shinawatra drew a stark comparison between the country he once led and its neighbor.

“In reality, it would be like Myanmar before its political reforms. There would be a prime minister, but the real power would be in some politburo above him and the economy would suffer. No other government would want to touch Thailand,” he told the Guardian in February.

The powers recently conferred on the military offer little to suggest he is wrong.



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