Red bowl farce continues

10 04 2016

The Dictator’s exorcism of the evil ghost of Thaksin Shinawatra has completely failed and the red bowl “conspiracy” haunts the military dictatorship and threatens to undermine “national security” pushing the junta towards collapse.Red bowl

That’s how the jittery junta makes it feel.

According to a Bangkok Post report, soldiers and police have pounced in Surin and “confiscated more than 500 red bowls with the signature of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra before they could be distributed to his supporters on Saturday.”

Like ticking time-bombs, the authorities arrived in the nick of time and used red bowl disposal experts to defuse a potentially disastrous explosion of red dippers at Songkhran.

Fittingly, these weapons of mass uprising were seized from Palangpol Mumthong, described as “a former red-shirt leader in the province…”.

Palangpol “was taken to the Sikhoraphum police station for interrogation.” Sharp as can be, the “[a]uthorities suspected that the bowls were to be distributed to other red-shirt members in the tambon for the upcoming Thai New Year water festival.”

Apparently these investigative geniuses refused to speculate on how the red shirts might have used the bowls. Certainly, though, they were likely to be up to no good. The local police chief “said the bowls were a political statement because they bore the signature of the fugitive former prime minister…”.

We assume that the Sicherheitspolizei used Article 44 to make their seizure of these plastic challenges to the authority of the military regime. It seems that in Thailand under the fascist military dictatorship, Thaksin, red bowls and political messages are all now verboten. General Prayuth Chan-ocha makes a point of never mentioning Thaksin’s name, as if the uttering of this would bring destruction to the kingdom.

Meanwhile, Palangpol was forced to sign some sort of “agreement promising to wash his hands of the red  bowls.” Hopefully he doesn’t do that using a red bowl.

There was a time when PPT had Sunday posts that were lighter and sometimes funny. We have been a little jocular in the above post, but this should not divert attention from the fact that Thailand is in the hands of a regime that is hopelessly doltish and very dangerous. That should be cause for considerable concern. Erratic regimes run by paranoiac halfwits are failed regimes.



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