Prem supports murderous thugs

12 04 2016

In our previous post, PPT pointed out how murder, torture and impunity were imprinted in the DNA of the current military establishment and, by definition, in the junta that runs the country. We also indicated that this hierarchical bunch of thugs fits the structure of Thailand’s exploitative social structure. This means that the royalist elite cheers the military as “heroes” and as providing service to the nation (they mean their nation).

Low and behold, no sooner do we write this and the Bangkok Post provides evidence for it. As if on cue, “Privy Council president Gen Prem Tinsulanonda yesterday extended moral support to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha as he opened his residence to welcome Songkran well-wishers,” almost all of them from this murderous military. The exceptions to this were minions, handmaidens and bootlickers, like Wissanu Krea-ngam.

The Dictator “led cabinet ministers and senior armed forces officers to pay their respects to Gen Prem and ask for his blessings to mark the traditional Thai New Year.” In the picture, clipped from the Bangkok Post, Prem’s delight is clear.Prem and Prayuth

The aged royalist political meddler stated: “I hope that all the prime minister wants to do for the country and for the people comes true. And I wish everyone honour and pride for your determination to protect our country and bring love and unity to Thais…”.

Torture and murder are part of that “love and unity” because those who suffer it are not considered part of Prem and Prayuth’s nation.

When Prem “praised Gen Prayut for his efforts to preserve Thai culture…” and declared: “Preserving cultural identity is tantamount to protecting the nation. What the prime minister is doing is protecting the country. He has been doing his job as a Thai and deserves to be a role model,” not only is he anointing Prayuth as leader into the future but he is praising loyalty, subservience and hierarchy.

Prem made this clear, saying “a five-year period is deemed an appropriate period to work…”. He is advocating acceptance of the junta’s charter and continuing military authoritarian tutelage.



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