Anti-democrats for the military’s charter

14 04 2016

It should be no surprise that the anti-democrats who agitated and begged for a military coup in early 2014 support the military junta’s draft constitution.

The People’s Democratic Reform Committee cheered the military’s coup and have, by and large, continued to cheer all of its repression and political fixing by the royalist dictatorship. Having prepared the political ground for yet another military coup, it is to be expected that the PDRC, now disguised as the Muan Maha Prachachon for Reforms Foundation, will act as cheer leaders for the illegitimate regime and its illegitimate charter. Suthep blowing

Interestingly, despite the junta’s ban on commentary on the charter, the anti-democrats say they will explain its support for the charter “after this week’s Songkran festival.” Southern godfather and senior anti-democrat Suthep Thaugsuban is going to “explain the group’s stance…”.

Akanat Promphan, secretary-general of the so-called Foundation and a scion of various leaders of the Democrat Party and stepson of Suthep, stated that “the group’s key figures considered the draft constitution good enough to suppress corruption.”

Akanat went on to criticize political parties. First, he reckoned “people” would support the draft and that they should not listen to political parties. Presumably listening to a “Foundation,” the military and other assorted anti-democrats is just fine. He attacked “political parties,” exhorting them to “comment reasonably on the new constitution.” He means they must not criticize the junta’s regressive charter.

The Pheu Thai Party’s remarks on the draft did not relate to its content, but to political interests, he maintained.

Akanat also indicated that it supports military domination into the future, saying that his “group still supported the junta’s national reform efforts before the next general election.” We assume they support further delays to any election, with the military junta continuing on.