Watana and the military thugs

18 04 2016

Khaosod reports that Watana Muangsook “turned himself in to the junta just before noon today for an ‘attitude adjustment’ session but vowed to sue over illegal detention if he is not quickly released.” Watana is reported to have “arrived at the army base at around 11am and talked to several Western diplomats who were observing the situation.”

Prior to his trip to the base, he posted on Facebook where he again expressed his opposition to the military’s draft charter:

“Final posting before getting arrested (again)”

I am on the way home to meet with the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) who intends to arrest me for my opposing online view on the draft constitution. I feel the need to reiterate my right of expression as a basic human right. The United Nations enacted this right in article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and Thailand has endorsed this international commitment since 1948. Currently, article 4 of the Interim Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand which the NCPO requested from the King also stipulates this right of expression.

This draft constitution is going through the referendum. All parties should respect the people’s decision through a broad public opinion. The people of Thailand should be well informed what will be the next step if the referendum does not pass the vote. Therefore, prohibiting the oppositions, like what is happening to me, or withholding information will eventually lead to a non-transparent referendum that will never be acceptable. I am asking the junta government to fully disclose this draft constitution and the referendum process to the general public.

The current draft constitution has severely been criticized for its undemocratic nature. The general public are aware of this unacceptable content. Voting against the referendum shows that the dictating content in this draft constitution is not acceptable and is being rejected. All parties should understand and respect this process and the result. The people of Thailand who are the true owner of the Thai sovereign right should be allowed to determine the political rule by themselves. Believe me that the Thai people are qualified enough to be able to choose their own political path without being dictated. Please stop insulting the people of Thailand. We understand democracy.

Let me tell you something: No matter how many times you will arrest and try to indoctrinate me in your so called “attitude adjustment,” I will never accept this draft constitution.

Watana Muangsook
Phue Thai Party
18 April 2016



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