Jokers and dictators

26 04 2016

A couple of times in the recent past we have mentioned that the military junta has a habit of making its “spokesmen” sound like stand-up comics.

Because the various members of the junta come up with such ridiculous claims and suffers such pathetic meltdowns, these untrained mouthpieces have to devise ways to “explain” the nonsensical bile and ludicrous claims. The result is often very much like a stand-up comic who fails. All he can hear can only hear is crickets chirping.

DeerThe most recent example is on the Thaksin Shinawatra and the junta’s deer-in-headlights claims that he is behind anti-coup, anti-junta and anti-charter activism. It was Thaksin, they said, who was paying lobbyists to spread bad news about the junta and its work.

The Democrat Party was strong in its support if the junta’s claims.

As we showed – along with many others – the so-called evidence actually supported Thaksin’s statements that he wasn’t using lobbyists against the junta.

At the time, we also stated that we were pretty sure that the Democrat Party’s and the junta’s “evidence” was probably emanating American right-wing conspiracy theorists working for and with yellow shirts.

In a comical report at Khaosod, dumpy Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Dictator General Prawit Wongsuwan seems to point in this direction, saying “the alleged evidence” that “exposed Thaksin’s link to the lobbyists” is from “foreign media.” Perhaps he reads New Eastern Outlook when he’s in Russia. Prawit was defending The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha: “He spoke based on the information that foreigners published…. He didn’t come up with it on his own. Foreign media wrote about it.”

This is where the junta spokesmen come in. Junta spokesman Piyapong Klinpan “explained” it, “We have already collected some documents, but it’s just we cannot disclose them at the moment…”.

Hilarious, yes indeed. Hilarious in the sense that the junta thinks anyone will believe them. Or, maybe, there is a group of rabid yellow shirts who feed on this kind of nonsense.



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