Updated: Repressing political opponents with lese majeste II

30 04 2016

The Bangkok Post reports that a “member of the Resistant Citizen group has been arrested on lese majeste and computer crime charges as the authorities’ crackdown on dissidents continues.”

Burin Intin was dragged before a military court to be detained for an initial 12 days as police investigate the case before laying charges.

The military regime states it has been monitoring Burin “after they found him posting anti-government comments online.”

In fact, Burin had been campaigning online for the release of the eight from the Neo-Democracy and  Resistant Citizen groups. He “reportedly posted a 40-minute video clip titled ‘I want to be kidnapped’ with the hashtag ‘Release our kidnapped friends’,” the Facebook 8. He had joined that Victory Monument protest and was arrested “along with 15 others and brought to the Phaya Thai police station.”

The military junta declared that Burin had “committed lese majeste in his private chats with other people.” Officers detained him on Thursday and sent him to computer crime police for further action.

The military dictatorship is implementing a reign of political terror in order to prevent opposition to its regime and its charter referendum.

Update: Khaosod reports that Burin has now been charged with lese majeste.