Free Somyos

1 05 2016

It is now 5 years and one day since editor and activist Somyos Prueksakasemsuk was arrested and accused of lese ajeste. He has remained in jail this entire time.

When his trial was held, Somyos was often in chains and cages. On 23 January 2013, he was sentenced to 5 years on each of two lese majeste charges, with an extra year added from a previous suspended sentence for insulting the despicable General Saprang Kalayanamit, a leader of the 2006 royalist coup.somyos

During his trial, shackled and caged, Somyos was dragged around the country for court appearances in several provinces where, in one case, no witness even showed up, causing the court appearance to be cancelled. This and the repeated refusal of bail represented a form of torture.

Essentially, the royalist elite chose to punish Somyos for being an activist among the political opposition.

Somyos has never seen a fair trial. He is a political prisoner. He should be immediately released.