Control everything II

2 05 2016

Seeking to control the outcome of the charter referendum is another example of the military dictatorship’s craving for total control of everything.

As we have said before, the junta believes it can engineer an outcome, and no matter how fraudulent, believes it will be able to claim “legitimacy.”

Hopefully, whatever the military does, the people make sure that the outcome is seen as a military fraud.

One aspect of the murderous military’s measures to manufacture consent for the charter is in the “rules” it has made “law” on how, when, where and tone of commentary on the military’s anti-democratic draft charter.

The extent of this is seen when even an acknowledged anti-democrat has finally deciphered the military dictatorship’s plans. The democratically disreputable Democrat Party has fidgeted over the charter, but in recent days its deputy leader Ong-art Klampaibul has declared that “the circumstances surrounding the referendum were nothing short of the people being ‘held hostage’.”

The puppet Election Commission has made all charter commentary illegal except that where “people voiced their opinion with no intention of influencing the public on how to vote either way…”. That is, unless it is the regime and its supporters who babble on about how wonderful the charter is.

As Ong-art described it: “the CDC, the state agencies, could disseminate the content of the charter without being accused of trying to persuade the public to vote for the draft.”

Meanwhile, critics face threats, arrest and harassment.

The threat and reality of the military junta’s repression is that any critic – a position to be determined by the junta and its puppets – will mean “critics who will face lengthy court cases” and perhaps years in a junta jail.

This is truly a fascist dictatorship at work, run by toadies and thugs.