Facebook in bed with dictators

5 05 2016

The header seems to reflect a situation where the multinational advertising portal Facebook has jumped into bed in support of the military dictatorship’s censorship, blocking กูkult in Thailand. Yes, we know Facebook is meant to be about messaging and posting junk, but it seems that, in one case it has censored in Thailand, probably because the junta asked.

More worryingly, it raises further questions about how the junta gained access to the accounts of the Facebook 8.

Blaming Facebook may seem a bit premature,it was Facebook itself that “walled off content … and left a note explaining why…”. At the same time, we know that the internet police in Thailand have not been particularly skilled in their spying on people, so smart hacking and gaining seemingly hidden information has a big finger pointing at the multinational advertising portal.

Khaosod reports that this is “the first apparent acknowledgement it is cooperating with Thai authorities in censoring content, Facebook has blocked its users in Thailand from accessing a page satirizing Thailand’s Royal Family, citing local laws.”Gukult


While “Facebook has long been considered by many Thais as the last haven of free speech in Thailand,” many will now worry that Facebook has become a part of the goon squad corps of cyber spies working for the military dictatorship. As is the plan of the repressive regime, self-censorship will now rule Facebook posting and messaging. Only comments lauding the military junta and the monarchy are likely to appear in Thailand as the country becomes increasingly closed and dark.