Updated: No rights

10 05 2016

Atiya Achakulwisut at the Bangkok Post on the fallout from Patnaree Chankij’s case and the arrest of the Facebook 8:

What is the point of having our rights and liberties guaranteed in the charter or any other laws when our rulers can override them at any time by citing national security, public order and good morals?

At this point, there is no telling whether a citizen’s rights to privacy and communication still exist. We don’t know either how far the citation of national security, public order and good morals can be extended to suit the regime’s agenda.

A constitution will only be useful if it can protect us, citizens. Will the draft that the military regime is offering us do the job? As a popular online poster suggested: Think, while it’s still legal.

In Thailand, if you are not 100% behind the military dictatorship and at its beck and call, you have no rights.

Update: A reader points out an error. If you are 100% behind the junta, you still don’t have any rights. What you have is the political latitude granted by the junta.