Mystery lese majeste

11 05 2016

Khaosod has a story regarding an at first unidentified lese majeste victim. The man was photographed being taken into a military court, shackled with inhumane leg-irons.Shackled

Civil rights activists now say that the mystery victim is “a 62-year-old former army sergeant known only as Ruecha.”

It is thought he “may be suffering from schizophrenia. He has no lawyer.”

As the report makes clear, the “man’s case, only inadvertently made public, underscores the secrecy that has overtaken lese majeste proceedings under the military.”

iLaw states that “20 soldiers without a warrant took Ruecha away from his Rayong province home March 29. He was taken to an army base where he was interrogated and charged with insulting the Royal Family.”

Ruecha has been held in Bangkok Remand Prison since his arrest, without bail.



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