Wissanu and the result of the referendum

21 05 2016

About three weeks ago, PPT asked “Is the referendum result already known?” In that post, we noted that the dictatorship was working to ensure a Yes vote through intimidation and repression. We also observed that it seemed the junta looked set to fix the result of the referendum by cheating and whatever other measures were required. NO

If a report in the Bangkok Post: is anything to go by, it now seems that the military junta is convinced that the referendum will “pass.”

The Post writes that “signs are emerging of just what might happen in the vote, according to political observers.”

Those signs, it says, have “encouraged Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam … to instructed artisans from the Bureau of Royal Scribes and Royal Decorations under the Secretariat of the Cabinet to produce a handwritten version of the draft constitution which will take the form of an accordion-style parchment.”

The scribes have been told to get “the process to write the draft charter in longhand … under way so that it can be finished soon after the referendum…”.

Naturally enough, “preparing for this exacting task has some observers speculating on the outcome of the referendum.” The speculation is that the outcome is predetermined.

We wonder if Wissanu has the vote count in hand too.