Patnaree and lese majeste

22 05 2016

Patnaree Chankij is accused by the junta of lese majeste. The BBC has an excellent story on her case, with the video below and still pictures of Patnaree and her life. It begins with this:

A cleaning lady in Thailand is being charged by the government for posting the words “I see” on Facebook. She is accused of insulting the monarchy – a charge that can lead to jail sentences of up to 15 years. However, she says she is being punished because her son is an activist….

It is hard to see that this is not the case. As we have said previously, she is being held hostage by the military dictatorship to intimidate her son Sirawith Seritiwat and other members of the Neo-Democracy Movement.

The dictatorship and The Dictator use a poor woman, struggling as a single mother to bring up her kids, to emphasize that they are tough and uncompromising rulers. What this charge shows, however, is that the regime is a gang of thugs.