Never trust the military

25 05 2016

Social media has been in a bit of a buzz wondering if the military junta is mellowing. After all, the posts go, didn’t the junta allow the 22 May march to the Democracy Monument? Prachatai has a story surveying the questions raised. The Straits Times writes of “mixed signals” from the junta.

Our view is simple: Never trust the military.

Here’s some recent examples of why:

The junta … rejected calls for amendments to the referendum law and the easing of the ban on political party meetings in the run-up to the vote on the draft constitution.”

The police has searched the house of student activists campaigning for Deep South’s right to self-determination. The activists said they felt threatened by the authorities’ action.”

The junta-designed 20-year national strategy is required to promote the integrity of future national administrations…”.

A human rights lawyer has been charged for hosting ‘standing still’ activities demanding that the junta free detained critics.

A cleaning lady in Thailand is being charged by the government for posting the words “I see” on Facebook. She is accused of insulting the monarchy – a charge that can lead to jail sentences of up to 15 years.

Commander of the 42nd Military Circle to the President of Prince of Songkhla University: “Some personnel in your organization might not understand the construction process of the power plant and protest against it. Therefore, we (the military) would like to ask you (the President) to educate those personnel about the construction process of the power plant…”.

Junta leader has said that anyone blaming the government for the economic slump will be sued….

The Military Court has handed out a three-month jail term to an elderly teacher accused of sedition for giving a flower to an anti-junta activist.

A lawyer has reported to the public prosecutor in a case in which she was charged for providing legal assistance to 14 pro-democracy activists.

A military court refused bail applications by lese majeste “suspects” Harit Mahaton and Natthika Worathaiwich, who are also charged with sedition under Article 116 of the Criminal Code, for allegedly mocking The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha.

They are fascists and cannot be trusted.



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