The decline continues

3 06 2016

It was only two weeks ago that the Royal Household Bureau reported that the king’s tortuous health decline had been marked by yet another crisis, suffering yet more fevers and inflamed knees, with this episode signaled by unusual muscle spasms and an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid or hydrocephalus. As usual, he was soon reported to have recovered and “normalized,” whatever “normal” means for an aged man hospitalized for several years.

Khaosod now reports that another crisis has occurred. The short report, emanating from the Royal Household Bureau, states that the king is being “closely monitored for irregular function of his heart muscles…”. Perhaps this is cardiac dysrhythmia, that could indicate a heart attack, but it could be many other disorders.

Apparently a “monthly palace health update,” it also reports that the king “suffer[ed] from stomach pain throughout May rendering him unable to eat.The king’s team of personal physicians administered food intravenously.”