Election Commission thuggery II

12 06 2016

Prachatai has another story of “bias of the Election Commission,” with “their mobile application that educates people about the charter draft and upcoming referendum vote.” The app, called “Understand the Referendum (Smart Info),” is claimed “to educate people about the content of the junta’s draft charter and the August referendum.”

Users have found that the app “does not allow the user to share the certificate with the word ‘reject’ (Mai Rab) saying that it is impolite.” Readers will recall that “rude” words are banned by the junta’s law on the referendum.

Prachatai tested swear words and words that denigrate red shirts and others such as buffalo (kwai), dick (khuay), bullshit (tor lae), bastard (rayum), and son of bitch (chad ma) and found these are permitted. But “reject” is banned.

Apparently the dicks at the EC are going to fix the bullshit app, presumably still not allowing “reject.”



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