Shutting down red shirts II

15 06 2016

Just a few hours ago, we updated an earlier post on how the military junta has been responding to an uptick in red shirt and Puea Thai Party activity, with repression. In the update, we noted that military thugs had ordered the removal of a UDD banner for its anti-referendum fraud centre in Lampang.

The banner read: “Referendum must not be derailed. No fraud. UDD’s centre for fighting fraud in the Aug 7 referendum.”

The military thugs have now “summoned key leaders of the anti-establishment red shirt group in northern Thailand into the military base over a draft constitution referendum watch campaign.”

The report is that “Siriwat Jupamattha, key leader a red shirt group in the northern province of Phayao … that soldiers from the 34th Military Circle on Tuesday, 14 June 2016, summoned him and another red shirt leader for a discussion at the military base…”.

In a one-hour “discussion,” Colonel Thinachat Suthirak “told the two red shirts that they are prohibited from opening such center, reasoning that it might cause political instability.” His claim was apparently that “it is not written by the law that such center will be allowed.” Even though there is no law actually prohibiting the center, the Colonel “maintained that it is forbidden.”

It is not just the military making stuff up and conjuring “law” out of thin air, for “[a]fter the talk with the military officer, the two red shirts were taken to Phayao Provincial Hall where the Deputy Governor of Phayao informed them again that they cannot open the referendum watch center as planned.”



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