Shackling and chaining political prisoners

16 06 2016

The military dictatorship continues to treat its political prisoners – most especially those charged with lese majeste – as dangerous criminals. This is reflective of both the feudal mindset of royalists and their cruel desire to torture and belittle those with whom they do not agree.

Shackled and chainedPrachatai reports that two junta critics Harit Mahaton and Natthika Worathaiwich have been taken, shackled and chained, to a military court. For a fourth time, the court rejected bail for the two civilians, accused of lese majeste.

As usual, the royalist court refused bail because lese majeste is considered a major crime in royalist Thailand and because it thought the two were flight risks. (The courts, both civil and military, almost always say this as they repeatedly refuse bail for those being victimized under the lese majeste law.)

On “15 June 2016, the Bangkok military court rejected one million baht bail for the [two], … accused of lѐse majesté for sending messages deemed defamatory to the Thai [m]onarchy in their private Facebook chat.”

The court did urge “authorities to finish the case’s investigation before the end of current custody period. The two have been detained for almost two months.” (Slow investigations are part of a process of wearing down the defendants, repeatedly demanding that they plead guilty.)



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