Dumb III

22 06 2016

This is another story of how dumb the military dictatorship is. It also proves that being dim means that repression is the preferred mode of political action.

Khaosod reports that a cartoonist for Matichon has been “summoned today to explain why he penned cartoons critical of a junta-backed draft constitution…”.

Most readers will consider this another example of the extensive repression that has accompanied the junta’s efforts to control the outcome of the current draft, about to go to a military-controlled referendum.

But, no, this is about last year’s draft that the junta itself canned.

For “lampooning that … draft, … the Election Commission said cartoonist Arun Watcharasawat must report himself next week to explain his action.”

Arguably the dopiest man in Thailand, anti-election Election Commissioner Somchai Srisutthiyakorn declares:

The cartoonist and online editors of Matichon Weekly must meet us on June 30 to explain whether the incident was a misunderstanding, and explain the intentions behind it…. If it was a misunderstanding, they must show responsibility and fix it, so that there will be correct understanding.

It seems that “Matichon Weekly re-published a collection of Arun’s cartoons from August 2015 on its Facebook page” and Somchai posted them on his own page.

This is why Somchai has been booted into more dopey action. Silly Somchai reckons “both Arun and Matichon Weekly might have violated the recently [April 2016] imposed referendum law by republishing the cartoons.”

Readers will recall that The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, recently “explained” that “people throughout the country have been given a chance to voice their opinions…”.

Cartoonists drawing on a previous draft charter are apparently excluded from “people.”



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