No exit for Prayuth

27 06 2016

Self-appointed Prime Minister,  dictator and coup maker General Prayuth Chan-ocha is making it clear that he’s staying put for as long as possible.

When asked about Brexit and the UK Prime Minister’s resignation when his preferred result failed, Prayuth seemed dumbfounded. The idea that he should resign if his referendum was rejected was considered unreasonable.

David Cameron’s example has been seen by some as a principled resignation and no one has ever noticed anything like a principle in Prayuth’s kitbag.

Prayuth “explained” that the “two issues could not be compared…”. He declared his unprincipled position:

The two cases are different. Do you want me to resign? I won’t. I set the rules. He did not come up like I did. His country does not have the same problems ours does….

In an odd, warped way, he’s right. Cameron was elected, not a military dictator who seized power through an illegal coup. Cameron followed the rules. Prayuth rejects the rules he doesn’t make himself in the interests of himself and his regime and is prepared to jail and even murder those he believes are opponents of the royalist order.

For those who think Prayuth is willing to cede power to anyone else, think again.