More on junta (in)justice

2 07 2016

The military dictatorship makes law as it pleases. In part, it does this through the support of a highly politicized and royalist judiciary. Together, the junta and the judiciary have destroyed any notion of an independent judiciary or of a separation of powers.

Another example of the junta’s reign over the judiciary and other legal institutions is provided in a Bangkok Post report.

In that report, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, The Dictator, has demanded “that authorities wrap up their investigations into graft cases in connection with the Yingluck Shinawatra government’s rice-pledging scheme this year.”

As the report has it, The Dictator has “expressed his wishes at the rice policy and management committee’s meeting, which he chaired Thursday.”

He demanded that “any important cases in the investigation must be expedited so they can eventually go through the judicial process.”

The junta desperately wants “to prevent the case from expiring based on the two-year statute of limitations, which will expire in February 2017.” It also wants to stymie the Puea Thai Party and to punish the Shinawatra clan.