Still staying alive

3 07 2016

About two weeks ago there were reports that the king was receiving treatment for his long-term hydrocephalus (water on the brain).

As usual, the reports claimed the king was “improving.” This has been a pattern of Royal Household Bureau reporting: the king is sick, but improving or better.

Of course, at this late stage in his life, the king is very ill and doctors are exceptionally busy trying to keep him alive.

The latest report – there’s been a flurry in recent weeks, and thirty since he entered Siriraj Hospital – says the “king’s health has improved satisfactorily following the latest treatment for excess cerebrospinal fluid.”

After replacing the catheter that drains the fluid in mid-June, a “his team of physicians had adjusted the catheter in his abdomen on Saturday with satisfactory results.” This followed an MRI scan that “found that the fluid had receded but the drainage was still slower than normal, so the doctors sought His Majesty’s permission to adjust the catheter.”

This feudal language about permission is odd and seems to imply that the king is competent to provide such feudal permission.

The statement said the king “had developed mild fevers last month but the condition had improved. Doctors continued to give him oxygen and therapy for high levels of phlegm and saliva during the past month.”



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