Strange lese majeste cases continue

15 07 2016

Along with the Ying Kai case of lese majeste, the deaths in custody and the late 2014 lese majeste purge, Prachatai reports another odd lese majeste case.

Police have reportedly arrested another “two suspects accused with the lèse majesté law for making false claims about the … monarchy for financial benefits.”

On 15 July 2016, a police press conference was held on the arrests of Phakin Chakabatr and Worapon Mawimon, accused of lese majeste.

The claim is that both Phakin and Worapon are fraudsters.

Phakin, who says he pleads guilty, is accused of “fraud for claiming to four women each of whom has been in an affair with him since 2004 that he is a high ranking military officer accompanying a royal entourage in order to convince them to give him money.”

Worapon, who denies the allegations, “is accused of impersonating … a high ranking military officer who could use his connections to promote others in exchange for money.”

We assume that the two highlighted phrases constitute the “lese majeste.” Now, who might they have claimed to be connected with? The same as the other cases and purges?



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