Clods and clots I

19 07 2016

BootlickerThe junta and its acolytes and bootlickers are becoming increasingly strident and decidedly maniacal as the referendum on the military’s draft charter.

Thai Lawyers for Human Rights have usefully detailed the acts of repression by the junta.

Much of the nastiness is conducted by clots and clods who are automatons in the service of the thuggish junta. Two examples demonstrate these defining features.

First, nasty clown Somchai Srisuttiyakorn, from the anti-election Election Commission, is one of the hardest working clods, seemingly assigned all kinds of authority to determine when and how Thais are permitted to speak on the military’s draft charter. He prefers they don’t and polices all those who seek to speak.

Most recently, he has been seen as judge, prosecutor and enforcer. Somchai makes declarations as if he is the law, but he speaks for his boss-in-boots. In relations to a publication from Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies of Mahidol University, he has declared its “infographics explaining about the upcoming referendum to pass the junta-sponsored draft constitution “contained biased information about the draft constitution.” He threatens them with the draconian Referendum Act.

Bravely in the face of the junta’s minion’s threats, Eakpant Pidavanija, Director of the Mahidol Institute, “denied the claims of the ECT, saying that the infographics explaining about the draft constitution do not contain distorted or biased information as alleged…”. Eakpant stated:

It’s not likely to violate the Draft Referendum Act, for it does not contain information, which deviate from facts…. It depends on the understanding and judgement of readers. We will continue to publish the infographics until Chapter 6 as initially planned.

The clots are also hard at work. The Bangkok Post reported that junta spokesman Colonel Piyapong Klinpan blamed the junta’s political opponents for the destruction of some voter lists. He reportedly said:

… the destruction of the lists put up on a notice board [in Kamphaeng Phet] was unprecedented. It was … an act against the government who was inviting people to cast their votes in the Aug 7 charter referendum.

“It is believed that it was an act of those with different stances from the government’s,” Col Piyapong said.

Col Piyapong said the destruction of voters’ lists, letters containing lies about the content of the draft charter, and false information in social media about the draft and the referendum were orchestrated by the parties which were losing their interests.

The junta issued nationwide orders to prosecute any person damaging lists and seemed to be preparing cells for the culprits. Within a few hours, the same newspaper reported:

… Kamphaeng Phet police chief Damrong Petchpong … said an investigation concluded that two eight-year-old girls who were running around at the polling unit had pulled down the lists from the board and ripped them into pieces without knowing they were an official property.

Clots and clods all, but nasty and dangerous.



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20 07 2016
Clods and clots II | Political Prisoners of Thailand

[…] our previous Clods and clots post, we mentioned a story the junta claiming dastardly plots by its political enemies. One plot was […]

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