German reporting on the prince’s new villa

23 07 2016

German newspapers have had several stories on Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn. Here’s another, again shakily translated using Google Translate. It is from Süddeutsche Zeitung:

Thai Royal Family

The Crown Prince of Tutzing


The “Villa Stolberg” on the main road in Tutzing: This could soon be the Thai Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn’s. Still workers here – and the toilets in the foreground is a bit disturbing of the stately ambience.

Peter Maffay gets a new neighbor: Thailand’s billionaire and controversial royal heir Vajiralongkorn has bought a villa on Lake Starnberg leading to some surprise – including his outfit.

Von Christian Deussing und Martin Zips

The Thai Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn loves Bayern and seems to find Lake Starnberg particularly appealing. In the former fishing village of Tutzing the 63-year-old Prince bought the stately Grade II listed “Villa Stolberg” on the main road. High hedges keep the park-like property from prying eyes. This enchanting area is 5600 square meters, has mature trees and direct access to the lake with private dock.

According to reports, Vajiralongkorn is said to have paid a Tutzinger family twelve million euros for its new headquarters – his fortune is estimated at several billion euros. The villa is located in a good neighborhood of the homes of musicians Peter Maffay and Leslie Mandoki (Genghis Khan).

Three marriages, seven children

In the Kingdom of Thailand the assessment of the lifestyle of the Crown Prince (three marriages, seven children) is quite skeptical. The situation in the country, which saw the military coup of 22 May 2014 and has had martial law for some time, is affected by uncertainty about who his father King Bhumibol Adulyadej, 88 will have as a successor. Already in 1972 Vajiralongkorn had been designated as successor. However, more popular support is likely for his younger sister Sirindhorn, 61, who, a respected historian [sic.] who is involved in the country in numerous social projects. However, she has no children, which some interpret as a disadvantage for the throne. Public discussion is difficult as the lèsemajesté law provides for prison sentences of up to 15 years for criticism of the Thai royal family.

In Tutzing, its new “citizens” include his 32-year-old woman Suthida (a former stewardess), a little son and dog Foo Foo [sic.]. Tutzinger broker Andreas Botas remember a call from the Thai Embassy in Berlin. At that time it had been called, a “businessman” have interest in a large estate on the southeastern shore of Lake Starnberg.

The interested party – as it turned out, the crown prince – pulled up in a white Porsche. He was dressed in  fashionable jeans with tears and was wearing a midriff-baring T-shirt and a black leather jacket, Botas recalls: “He was very pleasant and not at all pretentious.” Accompanying him were 20 people in eight minibuses: bodyguards, employees, women. In the end, the crown prince had then opted for the waterfront land in the 9500-resident community Tutzing.

His wife Suthida so watched by the German media, recently lived in Munich. The crown prince himself had been repeatedly observed in Bayern “strawberry pickers” or “visiting garden centers”.

Fireplaces, stoves and a library

The Villa Stolberg has a living area of 1400 square meters [sic.] and at least 15 rooms. In one 1994 advertisement it had fireplaces, stoves and a library for ambiance. The purchaser could make a country guesthouse, a private clinic, a museum or a beauty farm….

Now there is a scaffold in front of the house, which was built in 1926, with craftsmen at work inside. In front of the gate at the entrance is a Dixi toilet. The activities have not escaped even Tutzings Mayor Rudolf Krug. “I assume that the Prince ignored the conditions for the preservation,” says Krug. The town hall boss is pleased with the prominent new residents in the municipality, which will however not financially benefit from it. “I do not think that his income is taxed by us,” says Krug. In July 2011, the Crown Prince was a Boeing at Munich Airport once briefly been impounded 737 – for many millions of euros owed by Thailand a German company for the construction of a motorway.

The father of Vajiralongkorn, King Bhumibol had said in 2005: “If one says that the king can not be criticized, that would mean that the king is not human.” This had as yet formulated any of his predecessors. Tutzings Mayor explained the influx of the crown prince anyway so that the reputation of his community have something of an “open-minded and tolerant” to Thailand. The acid test for the site but is still to come – should take his caravan on the main street of the Crown Prince for the first time. Perhaps on July 28? Then the prince‘s birthday.



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