Scary charter

27 07 2016

The proponents of the military’s anti-democratic draft charter have engaged in dirty tricks, repression, threats, arrests and have now turned to scare tactics.

Military boot licker and elite posterior polisher Meechai Ruchupan has become Nasty Clown for the junta.Nasty clown

The Bangkok Post reports that Meechai has declared that “[t]he rejection of the draft constitution in the Aug 7 referendum will lead to political instability and spur anti-coup elements to seek the ouster of the prime minister…”.

In effect, Meechai is seeking to scare anti-democrats, royalists and rightists to get out and vote for a repressive authoritarian future.

He is using Meechai code words to threaten them with the unspoken devils of Thaksin Shinawatra, red shirts and, worst of all, the prospect of electoral politics and evil elected politicians. His message is: Support the junta and the military or all is lost.

Meechai expressed his own affection for the erratic dictator as he scared his side:

If the draft charter fails to pass, Uncle Tu [Gen Prayuth’s nickname] will leave even sooner since those people will take to the streets to oust him as all the processes will be left in disarray….

Meechai whined that “the harsh criticism of the draft charter and the CDC was unfair…”. To be honest, we have yet to see any harsh criticism. Meechai is disingenuous when plays victim. In fact, he is a rent old boy of the elite and for a regime with immense power that arrests and detains at will.

He does seem desperate.