Dictators say vote for dictators

2 08 2016

The military dictatorship continues to repress red shirts and other opponents of its anti-democratic charter and as royalist university administrations do their job and prevent students and activists discussing the daft charter.

The repression is unrelenting.

Meanwhile, the junta’s minions are begging for support from voters in the illegitimate referendum that is meant to legitimize authoritarianism.

Meechai Ruchupan, chairman of the junta’s handpicked Constitution Drafting Committee, is reported in The Nation coming up with the bizarre statement that “it’s dangerous to trust politicians…”.

It’s dangerous to trust military politicians, juntas and generals. They have the track record of murdering Thailand’s citizens with impunity and of deep political corruption 9defined not as it is in Thailand, but in the rest of the world).

In doublespeak, the junta’s politicians are busy urging “voters to use their own judgement and not allow politicians to influence their decisions when casting their ballot in Sunday’s referendum on the new constitution.”

Junta unelected politicians crudely define themselves as angels and former elected politicians as devils; it is the way of authoritarian regimes, twisting meanings while they repress and oppress.

Meechai believes it is only elected politicians who have “conflicts of interest regarding the new constitution.” Ludicrous and illogical nonsense is the way of authoritarian hirees, twisting meanings while supporting repression and oppression.

Meechai is a disingenuous and partisan royalist and military politician and has been for decades.

Then another confirmed liar, Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan continued his lies, declaring falsely that “the government had not conducted surveys to determine the possible results of Sunday’s vote.”

Prawit also “dismissed a rumour that military personnel had been ordered to vote for the draft charter.” Never believe a general when he says his underlings are “free.” Their training is to follow their leaders. That’s why the military tortures and kills recruits.


Interior Minister General Anupong Paojinda joined the disingenuous gang saying that “nobody should be able to tell them [voters] how to vote.” The junta has been telling people how to vote for over two years. He babbled about democracy.

Military ally and devoted anti-democrat Suthep Thaugsuban predictably supported the most anti-democratic charter in Thailand’s modern history.