Updated: Commentary on referendum

12 08 2016

We decided to put together some of the commentary on the referendum on the military’s charter:

Nikkei Asia Review, 11 Aug: “Thailand’s six years of national adjustment

The Japan Times, 10 Aug: “A veneer of legitimacy for Thailand

VOA, 10 Aug: “Analysts: Thai Military Looks to Extend Government Oversight

Nikkei Asia Review, 10 Aug: “Thailand struggles to break out of the cycle of unrest

The Interpreter, 10 Aug: “After the referendum, Thailand remains a nation divided” (not much “interpretation”)

Wall Street Journal, 9 Aug: “Thai Vote Result Heralds Economic Stability, if Not Democracy” (The money jockeys are hoping for more loot coming their way via a military dictatorship)

World Socialist Web Site, 9 Aug: “Thai constitutional referendum entrenches military dictatorship

East Asia Forum, 8 Aug: “Thailand returns to military monarchy

Reuters, 8 Aug: “Thailand approved a military-backed constitution, paving the way for a general election” (A poor article talking about “democratic elections” and a “landslide”)

The Diplomat, 8 Aug: “What Does Thailand’s Referendum Result Mean?

Nikkei Asia Review, 7 Aug: “Duncan McCargo — Thailand’s ambiguous referendum result


Prachatai, 13 Aug: “Nidhi Eoseewong: Implications of draft charter referendum, it’s results