New repressive measures

15 08 2016

The Bangkok Post reports on how, “the military regime in just one week came up with four new ways they intend to track people in the coming days and months.”

As the report puts it, these measures “range from mildly outrageous by today’s standards to completely bizarre.”

According to the report, these “plans — and they are changeable … — a new and formal security division is to be formed with the task of tracking people via their mobile phones.”

The junta will probably allow allow “[p]olice … [to] not only to track your location by mobile phone technology but also to listen to what you say.”

Adding to this, “there will be eight new laws on cybersecurity long before New Year’s Eve.” These laws “will add and tighten details of the last military regime’s Computer Crimes Act…”.censorship-for-the-internet

As the report has it, the existing law “apparently hasn’t put nearly enough enemies of the state into prison for 15 years per offence. There is no longer even a pretence that the law is to protect consumers and information wonks.”

Then there’s the plan to track tourists and/or foreigners through “special” SIM cards. Doubts have been raised about this plan, with technical experts noting that all SIMs can already be tracked, and that the authorities are likely talking about foreigners “is mostly distraction as surveillance projects are inserted into security agencies.”

The report notes that the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission “has gained a lot of power since the military coup…” and wants more.

The surveillance state exists and is expanding under a military regime that wants to extend political control and repression.