The junta and fairies at the end of the soi

18 08 2016

As most sources have made clear, despite the military dictatorship’s rhetoric, there is currently no evidence  for the repeated claims that the bombings of a week ago were the work of red shirts. Most sources are suggesting that southern separatists are the main suspects.

However, as PPT has pointed out, the junta is not about to let a political  opportunity pass.

The junta  has revealed that it is holding 15 on suspicion of involvement it the bombings and will rearrest two persons  already released.

The junta has let it be known that “the suspects were members of a heretofore unknown political group called ‘Revolution for Democracy Party’.”

As the report  states, this claim “would dovetail nicely with the regime’s insistence the attacks were unrelated to separatists in the Deep South…”.

The report also notes that the “military’s sudden admission it was holding many suspects underscored again the disconnect between the civilian face put on an investigation that is largely being carried out by the military.”

Police have no knowledge of the mostly elderly suspects and nothing to link them to the bombings.

To believe the junta on the basis of so far nonexistent evidence is about as sensible as listening to Army boss General Theerachai Nakawanich, who warned Thais to watch out for people “who wear sunglasses or hats indoors, reasoning that they might be bombers since ordinary Thais would not dress in such costumes.” He added that “carrying backpacks is also abnormal. So we need to help look out [for unusual things]…”.

Believe Gen Theerachai on this and the military on a new conspiratorial group and then look for fairies in the garden at the end of the soi.



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