Making a military premier

22 08 2016

As has been clear for a couple of years, the military junta wants to retain political control well after any “election” that it decides to hold under its rules and when it decides an “election” can deliver a pro-royal and pro-military government.

In part, the charter and the “referendum” were about getting the right “rules” in place. But even those rules are malleable in the hands of the military junta and its agents.

As The Nation reports, the “extra question” passed in the “referendum” is now being interpreted to more easily allow The Dictator. General Prayuth Chan-ocha, to become prime minister after an “election.”Prayuth

National Legislative Assembly (NLA) vice president Peerasak Porjit has been reported as insisting “that allowing the Senate to nominate prime minister candidates is in accordance with the intention of the additional referendum question.”

That’s an interpretation for a military PM. Peerasak reckons that “political parties would nominate PM candidates and the Senate had the right to vote to select the PM but if this process failed to achieve that, it could pave the way for a second process in which the Senate nominated PM candidates.”

This gives the junta two shots at assuring that it gets its man in place. The senate will be dominated by junta supporters.

In a manner familiar to anyone who watches the junta, this supplicant then denied that this was a measure to benefit The Dictator and junta. Of course, it is exactly that.



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