Making an “election” outcome

2 09 2016

The Dictator is in campaign mode. His men are supporting him, with options being considered for a military party and a “civilian” rightist-royalist party.

Whatever party becomes a vehicle for General Prayuth Chan-0cha becoming premier following an “election” requires that that “election” produces the required victory for The Dictator’s supporters and for him.

We mentioned that one of his boys, talking of a party, then told the Election Commission how to rig the election for his party and The Dictator’s “victory.”

Now the Bangkok Post reports that ill-named “political reform assemblymen” have “proposed” that an election law be crafted to “allow the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) [the junta] to have a significant role in arranging the election expected next year.”

Junta land is indeed strange. But, presumably, rightists think all this “election” rigging is just fine because those rigging it are “good people.” For one thing, they’d assert that their people aren’t “politicians,” identified as the source of all evil in Thailand. (The greatest evil seems to have been allowing for popular sovereignty.)

This particular proposal for rigging the “election” was one of several proposals “that the political reform committee of the National Reform Steering Assembly submitted on Wednesday to the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) which will draft an election bill.”

The CDC spent a lot of time rigging the referendum outcome and setting the rules for Thailand’s dysfunctional political future.

It was “recommended a provisional clause that would allow the NCPO to closely cooperate with the Election Commission (EC) on organising and regulating the election.” Then this is added and is apparently a serious addendum: “The idea was meant to prevent criticism that the coup in 2014 was a failure.”

There would be no local involvement in elections. The Interior Ministry would “organise the election of MPs and local councillors.” Provincial election committees would “be dissolved and the EC [would be able to] order soldiers, police, administrative officials of the Interior Ministry and other government officials to support it during the election.”

The committee also proposed drastic measures against vote-buying. However, under their arrangements, vote-buying by the military’s party will be unnecessary anyway as the outcome is meant to be rigged for it.



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6 09 2016
“Elect” The Dictator | Political Prisoners in Thailand

[…] The other recommendation is for the junta to “manage” the “election.” We’ve already posted on this manipulation. […]

6 09 2016
“Elect” The Dictator | Political Prisoners of Thailand

[…] The other recommendation is for the junta to “manage” the “election.” We’ve already posted on this manipulation. […]

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