Political opponents are “dogs”

16 09 2016

Coup leader, self-appointed prime minister and prime ministerial “hopeful” General Prayuth Chan-ocha, together with some of his junta cabinet ministers spent “about five hours boasting of their achievements and performances for the past two years” a couple of days ago.

Five hours is a long time to sing one’s own praises, but the arrogance of The Dictator knows few bounds and no one in his gang of posterior polishers is able or prepared to tell him to shut up.

They apparently believe the polls that claim The Dictator is hugely popular. The “referendum” result has confirmed this for them and for The Dictator.

As far as we have seen no one has fact-checked The Dictator’s claims, but these days facts count for little. If The Dictator says it is so, then it is. The media is remarkably tame, although we admit that several newspapers have belatedly criticized the “report,” including the Bangkok Post and The Nation.

The item in The Dictator’s rant “report” that caught our attention was in a Thai PBS report, where the gloating self-appointee berated political opponents, calling them “dogs.”

He stated that “there are, today, dogs that keep harassing ‘phuyai of our country’ despite the fact that they have been working tirelessly for the good of the country.”

Prayuth perhaps sees himself as a “phuyai,” although we doubt the grandees of Thai society consider him other than a useful servant. His support of the existing ruling class is hardly news as it is this ability to serve the elite that has seen Prayuth rise to the top of the military and run a coup for the elite.

Prayuth declared that for “the country to move forward, to prosper and to be in peace, he said everyone in the country must abide by the law [his law], be responsible, not causing conflicts and not violating human rights [ignoring the junta’s own repeated and continual abuse of these rights].”

He also babbled a bit about royal ideology and sufficiency economy.

Prayuth seems certain he will be prime minister after any “election” the junta arranges.