Denying the facts

18 09 2016

The military dictatorship has lied that it has “no intention of eliminating politicians of the Pheu Thai Party…”.

As PPT has pointed out for a couple of years, and more regularly since the “referendum,” one of the main tasks for the coup was to root out the so-called Thaksin regime. This involves changing the rules of politics – that is what the “constitution” was partly about – and, since the “referendum,” the task has been more focused on destroying the politicians seen as the core of the Puea Thai Party’s success.

The junta has made no secret of these roles and tasks.



This is why it seems somewhat odd that junta spokesman, the recently promoted Lt-Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd should deny this.Then again, the junta is prone to lies, even in the face of facts.

(Interestingly, both Sansern and the other purveyor of junta lies, Lt-Gen Werachon Sukontapatipak were both promoted for their capacity for purveying these untruths. We doubt either has any military skills.)

In responding to claims of bias by the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship, Sansern made the outrageous claim that “[t]he military, no matter of which era, has maintained political neutrality and adhered to the country’s interests and righteousness…”.

Nothing, nothing at all, could be further from the truth. The military has been a murderous force for the ruling class over several decades.

He added: “We [meaning the military junta] never have had such an intention [to get rid of them] against any politicians or political parties…”. His own statements over the past decade show he’s a liar.

He followed this with another lie: “The military will not step in to interfere if political activities, such as street protests and demonstrations, are carried out within the scope of the law and are peaceful, regardless of which government is in power.”

Sansern is shoveling horse manure. The military, especially since General Sarit Thanarat’s time has repeatedly murdered protesters. The historical record is clear.

Just for good measure, Sansern blamed the UDD for Thailand’s political problems. The root cause is, of course, the military and political generals.

Sansern proves that dictatorships are unable to distinguish between truth and political advantage.