“Dead” king “recovering” (again, perhaps)

2 10 2016

After having recently been (mis)reported as dead, it is reported in the Bangkok Post that, as has been the case umpteen times over the past decade, the king is again “recovering.”

In what is described as “the 36th announcement issued by the Royal Household Bureau,” the “royal medical team” has reported that the king’s “lung infection had subsided after treatment for a low-grade fever…”.

The bureau stated that “on Wednesday and Thursday, [the king]… had a low fever and a high pulse rate with a lot of phlegm. A blood test indicated that he had an infection and an X-ray detected some fluid in his lungs. The doctors gave him antibiotics on Thursday.”

At the same time, it is reported that “his urine output was still minimal. Doctors, therefore, are continuing to closely monitor his condition and are administering continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) treatment.”

In other words, the king remains desperately ill.



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