Everlasting military rule II

3 10 2016

As PPT has been posting for a couple of years, the military dictatorship is not “into” power sharing. The most benign analogy is with a nasty three-year-old child with a bag of candy, gorging itself, unwilling to share with anyone, engaging in tantrums when anyone suggests sharing.

Readers will note that this military dictatorship is not benign. It is gorging, selfish and very nasty. It demands and (so far) gets what it wants. It has kept all the political “candy.”

As the Bangkok Post reports, not only does the military hope for a military party and The Dictator as boss of an “elected” government following its “election,” but it has plans to ensure that the result is owned by them.

It has set the rules through the outcome of the “referendum” and the constitution it designed. It continues to tinker with the draft constitution to make it even more dictatorship-friendly. It has cowed the opposition. It will control the appointed senate. It has arranged for an appointed premier.

But, it seems, nothing can be left to “chance” (or to the people).

Deputy prime minister and military lackey Wissanu Krea-ngam has declared that The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, has the power to use Article 44 “to dissolve the freshly elected House if the new-PM selection process drags on for months” (and, presumably, doesn’t choose him).

Until there is a premier acceptable to the junta, it seems that the military junta remains in place and can thus do anything it wants, including overturning the “election” result.

The tantrum-prone terrible three-year-olds have all the candy and won’t share.



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