Updated: More on Joshua Wong’s deportation

7 10 2016

There are now several stories and radio programs seeking to distill the meaning of Joshua Wong’s detention and deportation.

We do know that Wong was sent back to Hong Kong and that he spoke via videolink to the Chulalongkorn University event he was invited for.

It is not entirely clear why he agreed to speak given that the junta claims that he was set strict conditions, said to be that “he not talk about his detention in Bangkok on Wednesday, incite the people or criticise Beijing.” Officials said they set these conditions and warned him that if he broke them, “they would cut his connection…”.

We guess that he agreed because he was not planning to speak on any of these topics when he agreed to join the event, and that these issues existed mostly in the minds of authoritarian figures in Beijing and Bangkok.

Some of the stories worth looking at include a commentary at the Bangkok Post describing the events as “shameful”; an editorial at the same place titled “Unjustified detention,” an analysis at Prachatai, a story at Quartz and a report on Australian radio.

Update: A reader informs us of another take on the Wong deportation at The Conversation.