With 6 updates: The king dead

13 10 2016

The Nation reports that the official announcement of the king’s death at about 4 pm Bangkok time is made.Vajiralongkorn

Update 1: Ji Ungpakorn had an obituary ready to go. In what will probably be a bunch of fawning commentary, Ji’s view is important.

Update 2: New York Times obituary.

Update 3: General Prayuth Chan-ocha has stated that Prince Vajiralongkorn will succeed his father, following the law. Parliament will soon meet to confirm this.

Update 4: Here are some more, selected obituaries and other stories: BBC, CNN, Aljazeera, NPR, updated Wikipedia, Straits Times, The Economist, SCMP, USAToday, Reuters, ABC Online, The Washington Post.

Update 5: The Bangkok Post has an editorial that can be read as the royalist vision of the king, reproducing all of the hagiography of years past.

Update 6: Prayuth’s announcement to the nation of the king’s passing (in Thai) is here. The Nation reproduces an AFP “timeline” on the king’s reign. It is quite strange. For example, it leaves readers to imagine that nothing happened between 1950 and 1973 and several other long and important years are missing. It also reproduces the myth that the king “complet[ed]… his studies in Switzerland…”. It leaves out the palace’s role in the 1976 massacre and its pivotal role in the 2006 coup (1997-2009 is missing from the “milestones.”)