Lese majeste arrest

25 10 2016

Prachatai reported this arrest some days ago, and we reproduce it as a matter of record.

We should add that we are having trouble getting accurate information of those arrested in this “mourning” period. If any readers have details for other cases and some links to a source for the information, this would be appreciated, sent to: politicalprisonersinthailand@hushmail.com (we do not recommend readers in Thailand use this address).

A teenager from Thailand’s northeast has been arrested for posting a lèse majesté message on Facebook. He says he was high on marijuana when he posted the message

On 19 October 2016, police officers arrested an 18-year-old male, whose name was withheld by the original source, in his room in Sa Kaeo Police Province after receiving a report that the teenager had posted a lèse majesté message on Facebook, reported Bangkokbiz News.

The teenager was arrested only four hours after posting the message. The authorities also searched his room and found 26 packs of marijuana, totalling a weight of 25.44 grams.

According to Bangkokbiz News, the teenager initially denied the lèse majesté allegation, saying the message was posted by someone else who had used his phone. After eight hours of interrogation, however, he pled guilty and claimed that he was high on marijuana when he posted.

The authorities then sent him to Sa Kaeo Police Station the next morning for further prosecution. He was accused of lèse majesté and, of course, drug offenses.