Monarchy = ……..

28 10 2016

Successionists and others must be asking what’s happened to the monarchy. The 15 day mourning period that were once mentioned as a marker for the new king being endorsed by the National Legislative Assembly is up. That depends a bit on your count, being yesterday or later today. Still there’s no monarch.

In such circumstances the successionists should have a field day with the latest squirming at the Constitution Drafting Committee.

The Bangkok Post has reported that CDC chairman Meechai Ruchupan has announced that the preamble to the new constitution required amendment as it previously mentioned the now dead king. But there’s no new king. The CDC has thus decided to replace the monarchy with a dotted line.

Brilliantly, Meechai declared that “amending the new charter’s preamble … should not take long…”. Taking out one name and inserting dots sounds like a couple of seconds’ work, but the CDC members will want meeting allowances so they might drag this out a bit.

With a dotted line to replace the monarch it will be up to the “Prime Minister’s secretariat to replace the dotted line” when and if the “new king ascends the throne…”. The charter is now stalled because Meechai says that only with “the name of the new king before the new charter is submitted for royal endorsement…”.



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21 11 2016