Lese majeste rancor

20 11 2016

Khaosod reports on police being harassed by ultra-royalists on lese majeste. There’s already a lese majeste witch hunt under the military dictatorship, but this isn’t enough for mad monarchists. The natural result is doltish behavior and ridiculous tail-chasing.

The report is about the rabid royalists going to the police to bark about exiled activist Saran Chuichai or Aum Neko, who made an online video that was critical the dead king. The report states that ultra-royalists including the poisonous Ponnipa Supatnukul,

a television talk show host … complained in a meeting with Uthai [Lt. Col. Uthai Laosil, an officer at Technology Crime Suppression Division] on Friday that police should have acted faster to apprehend Saran before she managed to escape the country.

Ponnipa, who also uses anti-LGBT language to attack Aum, criticized the police:

“If [police] had prosecuted the case quickly and if they had not dawdled back then, Mr. Saran [sic] would not have had an opportunity to flee overseas and commit actions that hurt the hearts of Thai people to this day,” Ponnipa said.

The rancorous royalist demanded action, threatening “to take legal action against police if they failed to bring Saran back to Thailand.”

As we understand it, the only way that a return would occur is if Thai authorities were to act illegally. The mad monarchists would probably cheer for law and human rights means nothing to them when it comes to the monarchy and anti-democracy.

The loathsome Ponnipa had filed a lese majeste charge against Aum back in 2013. That accusation was a cause for Aum’s flight following the 2014 military coup.

The response of the police to Ponnipa’s threat was to get a court to issue a lese majeste arrest warrant for Aum. Nothing is likely to happen as the French Republic would be unlikely to accede to any extradition request from a military dictatorship administering feudal laws.



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21 11 2016

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