Any and all opposition is “sedition”

23 11 2016

Prachatai reports that police officers have arrested three people in the north and accused them of sedition. The police immediately handed them over to the military’s thugs.

They are now held incommunicado by the military. The place of their detention is a state secret.

“Sakda Sakunphanarak, his wife and another young lady” are accused of “distributing flyers deemed as incitement.”

That probably means they have accused the military dictatorship of being nasty or criticized one of its policies.

Distributing documents that are “against the ruling junta” is so serious for the junta that they use the sedition law to repress, threaten, and for these three, will probably want them jailed for years.

The military is currently seeking to link the three to others so that they can come up with a “network” of “conspirators.”



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23 11 2016